Cyberlands mechanics

Cyberland can and should be improved to become more valuable and give more bonuses to your CyberCat, directly affecting the earnings of $CCAT tokens. You can receive $CCAT by renting or selling your land in the Marketplace.


Reflects the level of your land. The more Experience Points you have, the higher level you reach, and the more opportunities you have to upgrade your CyberCat's home.


Shows how long the land can withstand the attacks of hordes of zombies. The higher the value, the fewer resources must be spent on repairs.


Means how fast your CyberCat recovers energy (Stamina). The higher this indicator, the less time the cat needs to "recharge" and the quicker it can return to fight and earn new $CCAT tokens.


Indicate the number and level of equipment for upgrading the cat's cyber parts and training its combat skills.