Anti-cheating System

Artificial intelligence trained on templates is used to detect user cheating in the CyberCats game.
Below is the table where we give examples of what we consider cheating, after which you can get an account freeze³.
Detection of unsafe devices: jailbreak, simulator, unauthorized developer mode, etc.
Monitoring the user's movements using a tracker.
Based on GPS accuracy, the system identifies users in high-rise buildings or narrow spaces that are not convenient for physical activity. The system will not allow users to earn in these cases:
  • On Android devices, if the GPS accuracy is > 25 meters.
  • On iOS devices, if the GPS accuracy is > 60 meters.
Detection of abnormal speed in each action based on the physical condition of each user.
³ Freezing of the account leads to the freezing of funds and XP on the user's credits until further proceedings and a decision by the app administration.