By 2084, humanity had achieved super-technological development; things were going well, and technologies simplified and complemented life. It had almost erased the border between humans and artificial intelligence. The progress was so fast and steady that people almost forgot to be cautious and check the work of artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, the program made an error, one critical error. A nuclear catastrophe happened, and due to mutation, almost all living creatures died out or turned into zombies. At some point, it became clear that even after being bitten by a zombie, cats did not mutate. Technology had reached a stage where many cats already had cybernetic parts. The people who survived began to help the cats. They trained together, hunted for food, played, repaired and improved the cats’ cyber parts. The animals started to protect the survivors and live together with them. As a result, squads of cyber cats and humans have appeared. Now they fearlessly fight hordes of zombies and care about each other.