Activity modes

There are several activity modes available in the game. The user starts earning by performing the following actions: walking, running and cycling (coming soon).
The speed limit for all activity types helps to track the activity and detect fraud.
Here is a table of speeds depending on the type of activity:
Type of movement
Speed mode
1-6 km/h
6-12 km/h
10-20 km/h
If the program notices frequent speeding when performing an action, the penalty value will increase, thereby reducing earnings. Try to stick to one speed to keep the penalty value as low as possible.

Walk mode

There are no additional earnings in this mode, and it can be just an exciting walk with your pet. In AR mode, you will watch your pet jump over obstacles, sniff out if zombies are nearby, and scratch behind its ear.

Test mode

Challenge your friend or any other player. You must complete a particular quest chain on time and get ahead of the opponent to earn $CCAT tokens.