Our CyberCats team has extensive experience in creating large fan bases. We believe that our innovative approach to the gaming economy, implemented through a Move-to-Earn with AR technology game, can

Hoang Nguyen


As an entrepreneur since 2015, he has experience in a variety of industries, including augmented reality, real estate, outdoor digital advertising and consumer goods. He is now the product owner of a technology startup that focuses on the overall management and execution of corporate missions.
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Kevin Snop

Art director

Kevin is an art director with expertise and experience in a variety of domains. He got into computer graphics and visual development in 2017. Over the course of his career, he has received many international architectural awards and prizes in computer graphics competitions.
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Edward Sharpe


Working since 2014 in the industry, Edward completes the full cycle of project development and implementation of digital, mobile and PC applications. He's engaged in web application architecture and pipeline automation.
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David Tran


A professional game marketer with a Master's Degree specialised in Marketing. He has 8 years of experience working abroad in the marketing roles, taking charge of both the Asian and American market. He has taken charge of creating campaigns before, during, and after a game’s release that ensure mass appeal and reaches a massive number of audiences in many successful projects.
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Doreen Green


Artist with a passion, drive and 15 years of experience working in the field of game development. Skilled with a wide range of software and expertise in many areas. Always looking to find a better solution for a perfect outcome.

Jacob Miller

Chief Operations Manager

Serial entrepreneur, product and business manager with over 20 years of experience. An innovator, angel investor and business builder with a detailed range of offline and online expertise.

Peter Brown

Gaming Operations Manager

In his over 15 years of experience in technology and has worked for high-level government departments and Fortune 500 companies. He developed expertise in IT Service Management, Project Management, Product Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Organisational Structure, and Business Processes.

Elizabeth Smith

Business development manager

As business development manager, she is responsible for the partnerships at Cybercats, our products, brand placement and positioning and how to maximise our connections with different organisations and projects.

Chase Williams

Senior Blockchain Engineer

He is a natural to technology and the blockchain. While studying at Trinity College, Chase excelled, receiving numerous awards for excellence. Chases’s curiosity led to him being well versed in multiple disciplines of computer science, bringing him to the eye of Google, where he started his post-graduate career.

Adelina Dawson

Social Media Manager

She was drawn to social media and content creation while studying Business Management and Computer Science. Continuing to push in that direction, Adelina joined Cybercats team and transitioned into the role of Social Media Manager/Content Creator.

Ollie Cooper

Marketing Specialist

After gaining a passion for cryptocurrency in 2020, Ollie decided to pursue this full-time after graduating with his LLB from Liverpool Hope University. Ollie’s passion for marketing started with his interest in social media platforms, YouTube, Twitter, and Reddit.

Harvey Grant

Community manager

Having first come to the team’s notice as an investor and community member, Harvey has shown his expertise, drive and determination to become a thriving member of the Community Management Team.