NFT Item System

In our project, you can find two collections of NFTs. Each NFT is a unique digital element stored in the BNB chain, proving authenticity and ownership.
The two NFT collections are currently available for purchase: Cybercats and Cyberlands.
The rare NFT collection of Cybercats presents limited cats that are more developed: they have a higher level than ordinary ones, higher impact force, increased agility, and an extremely high Luck index.
The rare NFT collection of Cyberlands is an exclusive land for Cybercats. Owners of exclusive Cyberlands have a significant advantage in the game.
It is important to note that every player gets an ordinary cat when they first enter the game; only having reached level 15, the Cybercat will become NFT! All Cyberlands are initially unique NFTs you can purchase or sell in the Marketplace.