CyberCats & evolution

Your Cybercat develops during the game. You can level up its parameters to defeat more zombies and earn more $CCAT. Among other things, your Cybercat can generate additional income when another user rents it. You can also sell it in the Marketplace.


Experience Points that reflect your cat's level; the more of them, the higher the level and the more opportunities to upgrade your Cybercat.


Health Points that show the number of punches your Cybercat can withstand up to death.


The probability of getting an additional reward: the success of a super hit, a direct hit, or more successful fishing.


The distances a Cybercat can cover on the map and the number of battles it can endure without rest.


The indicator shows how long CyberCats can withstand the onslaught of zombie attacks without losing health.


The indicator of impact force that reflects how much HP or Armor a Cybercat can take away from a zombie at a time.