CyberCat's game modes

The game has several modes, and AR technology makes the gameplay as diverse as possible. You can play with your cat at home or fight outside.

Gameplay in the house

The house is a stylish and protected place where you can interact with your pet.
  1. 1.
    You can play with the cat and improve its Luck score.
  2. 2.
    Exciting training sessions with your cat in cyber mode allow you to upgrade its HP and Stamina level.
  3. 3.
    We must remember about the modernization of the cat's cyber parts with the help of Gears. It will enable you to boost its Strength and Armor.

Gameplay on the street

A street is a place for fierce fights with zombies, exciting food hunting, and team battles with unique zombies.


You need to reach the marked point. The stronger the enemy, the further the point. Explore the world using the AR module in our app and find zombie habitat areas to eliminate them. After killing zombies, you get experience points for your CyberCat and earn our $CCAT tokens.

Meal (health restoration)

Come to the right point and catch fish near the water; make sure it is not poisonous. Or search for food on land using the map.

Team battles and special events

On your way, you may come across unique zombies that cannot be defeated alone. Team up with friends and fight together. Use super punches with the whole team. For defeating the unique zombies, you will receive even more $CCAT and Gears.
You can find more information about the gameplay on the project website on the page «Gameplay»​