Move-to-Earn AR Game

It is essential that you stay active in Cybercats! Our app uses a pedometer on your smartphone to track your physical activity. You can take a walk in the park, do your domestic chores, or take your child to school while the app passively accumulates steps throughout the day. During the day, you can log into Cybercats and convert your movements into energy. Energy is the fuel of the game! You can convert it into $CCAT tokens, XP to develop your Cybercat, or upgrade Cyberland.
You are not going to get away with your activity only! With the help of AR technology, we have brought your beloved pet into the real world. You can watch its development, play with it, walk around the city and kill zombies! Battles are integral to Cybercats, and you will receive additional rewards in $CCAT tokens. With the help of an interactive map in our application, you can find the location of zombies. Yes, you will have to walk to clear a block in your city, but you will get more rewards for the steps!