CyberCats is a Free-to-Play Move-to-Earn NFT mobile game that allows you to bring gaming reality into the real world using AR technology. With CyberCats, you can interact with the magnificent game world, fight zombies, walk with your Cyberсat, earn $CCAT tokens, improve your NFTs and sell them!
Cyberсat is your digital cat whose evolution and growth are inseparable from your own. The steps you take every day contribute to your journey through CyberCats world as you explore, fight zombies, and evolve, earning cryptocurrency while playing.
We have created a powerful combination of unique gamification methods with financial incentives which rewards users for leading an active lifestyle.
The game's primary goal is to establish a strong connection with your digital cat and motivate you to lead a more active lifestyle with the help of the desire to develop your pet and its land.
Last modified 3mo ago